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     SiED Moving message display is affordable, state-of-the-artway to communicate promotional programs and community news to your targeted audience. Together with our  PC messaging software, these highly visible displays can be used in a variety of applications. Advances in LED Matrix technology provide you with a virtually maintenance-free product. Superbrite LEDs last for over 100,000 hours of continuous operation, significantly outlasting comparable incandescent displays. They also consume less than 1/40 the power of incandescent displays,  giving you a significant savings in electricity costs. Advertise important messages at a moments notice. Standard networking includes an RS232 interface and optional RS485, Ethernet, Wireless transceiver ,Telephone line connections.

       Custom sizes are available from a few feets to large size. Charactor size and font are variable. Message movement is programmable. Message can be updated any time through PC. or keyboard.